Customer's Pictures

               This page has pictures of completed machines sent in by my customers.  Send me photos of your finished
               milling machines! I will also give you a link if you have a WebSite!

Gary Wheeler's STTTREEECH NCF200000002

Mel Williams' Machine here.   Mel used a narrower type of aluminum channel.

Dave Kush's Clone. I say Clone because Dave was able to make a machine from just
                                          looking  at my website. I get lots of people who say they sent their money! Then they
                                          ask where to get the aluminum channel or Delrin.  They want me to send the book
                                          electronically so they can start righ away!  When I say no I get hit with a virus file or
                                          a nasty letter.  Dave was honest up front so I helped him.  I was holding the " Brute "
                                          plans back. Then I saw  Dave added larger gas pipe like the " Brute " has. He claims
                                          everytime he thinks of something,  he sees it here the next day.  Dave and I are on the
                                          same wave pattern. His Website here

Steve Manzer's Pipe Dream Realized!  Steve was unable to find the aluminum in Canada
                                          where he  lives, So he improvised!  His Website here

Rick Bono was not able to locate the aluminum channel as scrap. But that did not stop
                                         him!  Rick improvised  by using aluminum  "U" and "L" channel !

 Ali Santoso's version of the "Brute".  Looks like he used two bearings to support the
                                          leadscrew.  Motors are mounted off the motor plate like a Sherline or Taig. I think I
                                          see a Camtronics controller too! 

Tom Ezolt is building a 7th Sojourn.

Wayne Pearson builds a "Metal" 7th Sojourn.

Denis Tomicki (Panzypoof) built a 7th Sojourn.

Chris Thilges build a version of Brute he calls Brutus.

Anthony Nathan Noel's 7th Sojourn.

Steve Michel's SupaBrute.

Stephen Webb's Brute with Piker.

Pat Leang's Brute in Plexi-Glass.

Harry Anderson's 7th Sojourn.

Nicholas Hamilton's Brute-oid

Trent Jordan's Giant Routezilla.

Chris Bruce's Routezilla.

John Selph's Phoenix. Almost stock! Note the muffler clamp holding the Dremel.

Paul Matthew's Phoenix.

Dan Merrill's Brute.

Joe McGough's Pipe Dream. Sweet!

Jean-Francois Nadeau's Phoenix. See his Website Here

Dave Cutliff's 7th Sojourn.

Robert Parker's Brute with homemade quiet spindle.

Rod Hess' 7th Sojourn.

Ray Jorgensen's 7th Sojourn. See his Website Here

J.J. Grant's Routezilla.

Glen Barker's Phoenix.

Kevin Schroeder's Brute.

Marty Hayes' Phoenix. See his Website Here

Wes' Brute.

Andy Carlson's Routezilla.

Jaime Pirnie's Brute

Matthew Sanfilippo's 7th Sojourn

Marvin Johnston's Banshee milled using his version of my PipeDream. He helped me solve the Fet problem on the Banshee by donating materials. Thanks! Marvin.

Joe McGough's updated Pipe Dream. See his orignal a few pictures above. He use 1/2" ACME and added some bottom bearings to the Trolley. With the HobbyCNC controller he is getting 50" to 60" He also added a USB Pendant and larger motor tool.

Gary Bellows' Phoenix

Bill Griggs' RouteZilla

Colin Kingsbury's Brute and Son of 7th

Dan Merrill's Jester and Phoenix his Brute is shown above

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